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Business Plan

The School of Innovation

Mobilising students to solve global challenges


The School of Innovation is aspiring to become the first independent university in Northern England since 1964

Based in Manchester, which was voted the 3rd best city in the world, has one of the fastest-growing economies in the UK and hosts one of the largest student populations in Europe.


Preparing for tomorrow, today.

The School of Innovation will offer an accredited UK degree course based on three core principles.

Evidence-Based Teaching

Students are taught using active learning
methods that immerse them in meaningful
projects and enable those who are not
'traditionally academic' to succeed as well.

Curriculum for Life

Students will study the UK's first degree-
level accredited curriculum in practical

skills for life, soft skills for work, and
knowledge for mental & physical wellbeing.

Skills-Focused degree

Working in collaboration with
organisations, students will apply the
skills taught in their project-based
degree course to tackle real problems.

87% of employers believe that graduates from The School of Innovation will have a competitive edge over those from traditional universities when applying for jobs with their company.

Primary research conducted with over 200 employers


Solving problems for humanity

TSOI will empower students to discover their individual brilliance by mobilising them to solve global challenges

During their course, students will apply their Innovation Skill Set to contribute to the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, addressing challenges like quality education, poverty, and climate action.


Radical Innovation

The UK's first integrated 

curriculum for a happy and meaningful life

The meaning of life is found in service to others. While solving problems, TSOI students will be explicty taught the personal and professional soft-skills they need to pursue and lead, within their own definitions, a happy and meaningful life.

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